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The New Economy = Time for a Child Support Modification

In my practice I regularly come across old child support orders. An old child support order is one that contains facts or information that are not currently accurate. An example would be income. For instance, a child support order might reflect someone making $60,000 per year, when due to a job loss, lack of hours, or pay cut, their income has dropped to $36,000.

Why is this so important? One reason is that many child support orders do not automatically self correct themselves. Thus, it is important for the payor of child support to go back to court or take administrative action to modify or change their child support order.

This blog is an effort to short circuit what could be a potential shortfall for those employed in industries where automation or robots are a particular trend. These jobs are called endangered occupations, and they exist significantly in the truck driving industry.

A new factor has emerged that might want to make many in Tennessee, Georgia, and the United States of America reconsider their child support sooner than later. The United States of America's population was about 317 million people as of 2014. About 3 million of those people were employed as truck drivers.

Welcome to the world of autonomous or driverless vehicles. While it may be harder for the average everyday driver to have his or her vehicle taken over by a robot, a truck driver's job will be quite a bit easier. This should put truck drivers on notice for a potential child support modification coming their way.

Thanks to new technology, many of the world's truck drivers could be put out of work including those in Tennessee, Georgia, and the United States. Approximately one in 100 people in America are employed as truck drivers. This does not include Uber, Lyft, cab, or bus drivers. With a $30,000 retrofit, a tractor trailer can now be outfitted with driverless capability. That means that in the future each of those 3 million jobs could be lost.

Now of course there will be added benefits such as increased safety, fewer car accidents involving injuries, and fewer traffic tickets. Nonetheless, this will have a huge economic impact on truck drivers, who are almost 1 in 100 people in America, not including their other fellow employees in the driver industry. As this video highlights, it is the goal eventually for human beings to leave the cab of a tractor trailer equaling job loss.

In this new economy, it will be important for truck drivers and other drivers to prospectively or retrospectively seek to modify or change their child support. A recommendation would be to get new skills to allow you to pay your child support and make sure that whoever is receiving or enforcing your child support order is up to date on your circumstances.

If you are in a child support situation and might be impacted by the new driverless or automated economy, job loss, or some other change in circumstances that could affect a child support order, please contact Advice Law Firm at (423) 485-8088.

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