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Juvenile Crimes & Delinquency Attorney – Chattanooga, Southeast Tennessee, & North Georgia


Someone under the age of 18 you love and care for has been arrested and charged with a crime. When it comes to juvenile crimes and delinquency in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas, the same criminal laws apply to adults and young people. You may be a parent or guardian wondering what is next for your child or loved one. Juvenile crimes and delinquency in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas can become serious issues. The penalties can carry time in jail, restitution, probation, public service hours, removal of your child or loved one from your home, and more to name a few of the negative repercussions.


When Advice Law Firm works with you, you receive the benefit of our relationship with the juvenile court system regarding juvenile crime and delinquency issues in Chattanooga. The firm can help you avoid many of the above negative repercussions of the juvenile court system. Advice Law Firm is in juvenile court on a weekly basis assisting young people and their families with juvenile crimes and delinquency. This provides the firm with familiarity of the judges, staff, and agencies involved in the juvenile court system.


Many times an arrangement can be worked out informally or between the prosecutor and our office. In other situations, juvenile crime and delinquency issues may go to trial. In almost any case, there are programs and agencies in place to help young people and their families deal with their juvenile crime and delinquency issues.


Matters involving juvenile crimes and delinquency do not have to feel like the end of the world. Juvenile crimes and delinquency issues can be a turning point in a young person’s life and their family’s well being. Advice Law Firm will work with numerous agencies, judges, prosecutors, and staff to find what is necessary to get your child headed in the right direction. The complete behavioral cooperation of your child is the expectation held by our office and the juvenile court system. This combined teamwork demonstrates that no young person should be thrown away, but rather rehabilitated.


Please contact Advice Law Firm about your juvenile crime and delinquency issue in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas.

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