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Bird Box Challenge = Traffic Ticket and Car Accident

The movie the Bird Box with Sandra Bullock has inspired another set of "Speed" related traffic events. An Utah teenager decided to try the Bird Box challenge while driving. The challenge is to perform everyday events, like driving or walking, while being blindfolded.

One might think that this will lead to traffic tickets and car accidents. They would be right. Netflix has issued warnings against this sort of behavior, asking for no one to seriously engage in such things. According to officers, no one was injured when the teen crashed their vehicle, but there was significant property damage to the vehicles involved. Apparently, the teen was driving their vehicle less than 40 MPH.

However, if this ended up in court, it would probably not be pretty or Hollywood. Expect defensive driving school or a number of other options from a judge if this kind of driving behavior is reported. Further, it should abundantly be clear that it would be difficult for a court to deal with this sort of behavior.

More than likely, the teen's age, hopeful lack of a negative driving record, and the fact that no injuries were reported would play into a successful outcome for the case. Yet still, expect some difficulty. Advice Law Firm will help where it can to mitigate the damage from this sort of behavior and make arguments on behalf of individuals, but even as one's law firm, one must expect a difficult road.

Dealing with a speeding ticket or traffic citation for something like reckless driving or lack of due care presents challenges. Yet, Advice Law Firm has successfully done this many times. If you or someone you know is facing a speeding ticket or traffic citation, contact Advice Law. If the links above do not open in another page, please copy and paste the below links into your internet browser.

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