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A Little Guilty Here = A Lot Of Guilty There

I have had a spate of phone calls lately in regards to people who have gotten speeding/traffic tickets in one state and felt the consequence in another state. The consequences equaling driver's license revocation or suspension.

Remember, that in many states, counties, and cities, if you pay a speeding or traffic ticket, you are pleading guilty to the charges or citations on that ticket and admitting guilt similar to DUI.

This has a major impact on cross state line or interstate jurisdictions, meaning a finding of guilt in one can have a tremendous impact on your driving rights and privileges in another state.

Classic example: one pays a speeding or traffic ticket in one state for going 23 over. The state that holds that person's license suspends or revokes it. Why, because the law of the second state allows that to occur, when one jurisdiction such as a state, county, or city court talks to or transmits the information to another jurisdiction. This allows your driver's license to be suspended or revoked across state or jurisdictional lines.

Quite simply, hire Advice Law Firm to see what we can do. STOP PLEADING OR ADMITTING GUILT TO INNOCUOUS, SEEMINGLY SIMPLE SPEEDING OR TICKET CHARGES. Advice Law Firm can work to try to A) reduce the traffic ticket or citation so your license is not suspended or revoked B) get the speeding or traffic ticket or citation dismissed or C) get the speeding or traffic ticket or citation conditionally dismissed.

This is what lawyers do. It's Advice Law Firm's job. This is better than getting a letter in the mail from your state driver's license agency telling you your license has been suspended or revoked for a speeding or traffic ticket.

Further remember, once you send in the money to pay off the speeding/traffic ticket and admit guilt, in many state, county, and city jurisdictions your ability to appeal the ticket is lost. Thereby, when you get the letter in the mail, it's too late.

Really let an attorney help you even if you think it is a petty speeding or traffic ticket because losing your license without an appeal is not worth it.

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