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Cosby, Jail, and Child Support

Keisha Knight Pulliam, the lovable Rudy from the Cosby show, is looking to lock her estranged husband up, after only months of marriage.

She wants to throw him in jail for being a few weeks behind on his child support. In Tennessee every week or untimely payment of child support can equal up to ten days in jail for a maximum amount of time in jail of 180 days, when under court order. In Georgia, you can be held in contempt and incarcerated until you purge yourself by paying the court ordered purge amount for your freedom.

In the second video of this post, Ed Hartwell, Mrs. Pulliam's estranged husband and a former National Football League player, indicates that he should be given credit for setting up his child's nursery. This would effectively be a setting child support case in Tennessee and Georgia. Take a look at a Tennessee setting of child support case in a previous blog.

Keisha Knight Pulliam also wants the money directly taken from Ed Hartwell's NFL pension check. This is possible in Tennessee and Georgia via a wage assignment that can be ordered by the Court or via an administrative order. If this becomes the case, then Mr. Hartwell will likely be kept current on his child support payments. For some having money taken directly from their check is a good solution to child support payments, particularly if they have the money to pay.

Further in this case Ed Hartwell has a child from another marriage. In a child support worksheet to set child support, Mr. Hartwell should be given a child support credit for this child if the child lives with him or he is under a child support order to pay for that child in Tennessee or Georgia.

It's important for Mr. Hartwell to remeber the significance of having joint custody of his daughter with Mrs. Pulliam. The more time he spends with his child, the more credit he will be given, and the less he will have to pay in child support.

Further, if Mr. Hartwell ever falls behind on his court ordered child support, he could be subject to having his license revoked or suspended. People are consistently pulled over, traffic ticketed, and thrown in jail because their licenses have been revoked or suspended for child support cases.

Remember, child support laws in Tennessee and Georgia are very serious. If you are in a child support case or are going through things similar to Keisha Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell, please contact Advice Law Firm. The firm can help.

If the videos do not open when you click on them, please copy and paste the below links into your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or whichever browser you use for the internet. – first video – second video – third video

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