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Just Showing Off

"Just showing off" is what the man told the police officer in Newbury Heights, just showing off. Don't show off. Folks, it is very important what you tell the police, and how you act in incidents involving speeding tickets and traffic citations. One truck driver said something extraordinarily different than the video evidence showed and was thrown in jail. As stated before, be careful out there. The just showing off gentleman got a traffic ticket for 131 MPH.

This next gentleman some however received a warning at 190 MPH in Colorado. Driving at speeds much higher than the speed limit does make your traffic or speeding ticket worse. Plus, there are other consequences that come along with a high MPH speeding/traffic ticket. Before, paying the fine or penalty, contact Advice Law Firm. The law firm will discuss with you your situation, as different speeding ticket results can happen in different cases as evidenced above. It is our hope to find a reasonable solution to your traffic ticket.

The videos above highlight some things about the law around speeding tickets. One, people matter. In the 190 MPH video, the speeding driver may have gotten the officer in trouble. Officers have contacted Advice Law Firm before with the trouble they have with speeding ticket drivers. It is incredible. Please use common sense. Do not upset the officer. Try not to admit guilt. Do not yell at the officer or have a negative attitude. Officers, judges, and court clerks have feelings as well. Best behavior is necessary. It helps.

Two, try to find legal counsel early. As one video notes, it helps. That gentleman had a lot of issues around traffic and speeding tickets, but a law office was able to help. Advice Law Firm has dealt with some horrible speeding situations. Generally, the law firm can help you get better results than just paying for a ticket. However, please involve a law firm early. It is much easy to deal with a speeding ticket early on, than undoing a ticket later for instance after one goes to court or pays for a traffic ticket, although the Advice Law Firm has helped there as well.

If you or someone you know needs help with a speeding ticket or traffic citation, please contact Advice Law Firm for help as early as possible. Even after the traffic ticket is over, the firm will see what it can do to help. Also, please read Advice Law Firm's reviews. Speeding and traffic tickets can be hard, but the law firm has helped many people. If the enclosed links do not open in another page, please copy and paste the below links into your internet browser.

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