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Flashing red lights = flashing real liability

The school year is over and soon another one will be beginning. Yet, as you sit around and think about summer plans or next year's school year, remember that times have changed, and there is stepped up enforcement around criminal traffic tickets, bus drivers, and kids around buses.

Passing a school bus is a misdemeanor criminal traffic ticket that could end up in a maximum sentence of 11 months 29 days in jail, probation, court costs, and fines as a few bad potential criminal results. This is similar to reckless driving, which is also a misdemeanor citation.

The City of Collegedale police department has actively written a number of citations for passing a school bus, and several have been killed or hit around the nation. The first day of school will likely have stepped activity around school buses, so be careful. Yet, even during the school year, there can be rashes of these speeding/traffic violations that occur.

Bus drivers have resorted to pulling kids back from the brink in herculean efforts to protect lives. Remember the middle lane does not offer you protection to pass a school bus on a 2 or even 4 lane road. Many drivers make that error in judgment especially when coming from other states to Tennessee.

If you are driving, watch out for school buses and the kids that get off them as much as you would for motorcycles or any other driver. From big vehicles to small children, driving can be difficult. Many drive successfully, but not all the time. So around those school buses as school children unload, lights come on, slow down and stop. A speeding ticket or traffic citation may await you if you don't.

At the start of the school year, pump the brakes on school buses and remember to do it throughout the school year. If you receive a speeding ticket or traffic citation for passing a school bus, contact Advice Law Firm. The firm will work for you to resolve traffic ticket and speeding situations. If the links above do not open in another page, please copy and paste the below links into your internet browser.

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