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Child Support Attorney – Chattanooga, Southeast Tennessee, & North Georgia

Child support in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas is a big deal! Besides the 3 year reviews one gets in child support court administratively in Tennessee via Title 36 of the Tennessee Code, one has a number of other issues to deal with in child support court in Chattanooga and surrounding areas: job loss, child support modifications, sickness and disease, other children being born, who is the custodial parent, and more.


Think about it, if one gets a $300 or $400 child support order per month in Chattanooga or in the surrounding areas, over three years one will have spent $10,800 to $14,400 in child support. And with a $300-400 child support order, that presumes that somebody is at least making minimum wage. Even if you are not working, you are expected to pay your child support if you are able to do so. That’s why child support is so important from the beginning and to keep your child support case updated. Too many people sit in child support court without representation and get slammed by going to jail, license revocations, tax/IRS intercepts of your money, plus bank seizures to mention a few negative repercussions of child support court. Thus, child support is no laughing matter.


Please contact my office before you go into child support court. Advice Law Firm can help you. If you are already getting notices in the mail about child support, immediately contact my office so we can start working things out with those involved to avoid as many of the negative repercussions mentioned previously. If you already are in child support court, the stakes have been raised even higher. A child support attorney can help you. I am in child support court on a weekly basis, thus I can support you whether it is child support contempt, child support modification, setting child support, a purge reduction, or other areas of law. When it comes to understanding the complexities of child support, Advice Law Firm provides professional, objective representation for all parties. The firm makes sure that your case and your needs are well represented.


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