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Guardian Ad Litem or Independent Third Party Investigation of Harassment (Sexual & Nonsexual), Employee or Workplace Misconduct, or Other Circumstances Leading to an Independent Report


If you need a guardian ad litem attorney or independent third party investigation to investigate some factual situation, sexual or nonsexual harassment claim, workplace or employee misconduct or other situation involving you, your business or entity, please contact Advice Law Firm. These types of investigations can be labor intensive, and the firm has experience in conducting a thorough third party independent investigation.


Many times a company or individual has been hit with claims or allegations of sexual harassment, workplace misconduct, or some inappropriate behavior, and one is left thinking now what. Counsel or management for the corporation may be trying to find an independent investigator or attorney or court may need an guardian ad litem to represent a party's interests.  And if you are a small business, you have even less resources to conduct your independent third party investigation.


Independent investigations and guardian ad litem work is apart of life, business, and court. When someone alleges wrong or inappropriate behavior, it’s important to investigate the truth and veracity of the situation. Don’t get overwhelmed by the situation. Contact our office, we will conduct an independent investigation for you and give the results in an independent report. If you would like an expedited independent investigation, please contact our office and let us know. The firm has the capability to investigate off site to try and not interrupt business operations or come in and meet with people personally. The firm can then compile a report for the business, entity, court or person who needs one.


Remember, harassment of a sexual or nonsexual nature, employee and workplace misconduct, guardian ad litem work, and other situations that arise to the level of independent investigation do not have to be the end of the business or a case. Simply gathering the facts and seeing where they lead independently can be a new beginning for a company or individual on how to make changes going forward and advance further. Remember to contact Advice Law Firm for free now if you need a guardian ad litem or help conducting an independent third party investigation.

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