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2 Kids = Ready, Set Child Support

Earlier in October 2016, it was reported that Israel Houghton, former worship leader for Joel Osteen's church in Houston, TX, had fathered two children outside of marriage. Before such story broke, Israel had already reported to the church that his twenty (20) year marriage had come to an end in an open post on Facebook.

Although, Israel Houghton's camp is pushing back against these allegations in the media, the matter will be settled in court. His camp is saying that Israel does take care of his children. This is why it is very important to keep records of all child support you provide for your child or children before a child support case gets set or begins in Tennessee.

Let's take a moment to look at aspects of setting a child support case in Tennessee. Setting or starting a child support case in Tennessee can include all monies, funds, receipts, or proof of income or expenses expended for the child or children. This can include receipts for items such as childcare, diapers, wipes, clothes, school fees, regular withdrawals from bank accounts, or money orders on behalf of the child or children to provide a few real world examples.

In Tennessee, Israel Houghton's other children could be included in his setting child support case. They should be particularly included if he is under an existing child support order or they live in home with him. An above story highlights that Israel might still have a legal challenge to setting child support for one child through lack of paternity. Also, his gross income will be factored in; that's why there are requests for his income history according to one news story.

If you have questions about setting child support, please go to the last page on this website, which is the contact us page, and someone from the law firm will try to reach out and help you. There are several aspects to setting a child support case. It is important to start from the beginning with proper documentation and information in case the matter ever goes to court.

Remember, child support laws in Tennessee and the surrounding areas are no laughing matter. If you are caught in a child support case or are going through things similar to Israel Houghton, please contact Advice Law Firm for help. Also, please comment on this post. The firm will try to add your posts later so your voice can be heard.

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