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Landlord Tenant Evictions Are Back Again

Evictions are starting again in Tennessee via normal Court order, meaning folks will be going back to Court starting March 15, 2021. For landlords, remember to have your stuff together as a new and old world begins to be entered. In the below videos, a tenant in New York discovered a new and old world and apartment in a place she had newly rented.

Behind a mirror in her bathroom, she found a secret passageway, and documented her history on social media. Calling her friends as backup after cold air was blowing on her through her bathroom mirror, she began her journey and discovered more to her new apartment rental than meets the eye, but not the other senses.

Landlords, remember details like this, and perhaps place in your lease agreements that landlords will not be held responsible for obvious conditions on the property that are covered for tenant safety or maintenance individuals; or require tenants to contact you immediately upon finding such conditions. Make this a breach of the lease agreement if necessary.

You want tenants to be safe on the property, and you want to be made known of conditions that the tenant may be made aware of sooner than later. Thereby, it's a good idea to put the onus on the tenant, as this one tenant did contact maintenance soon after discovering the new apartment, but preferably even sooner than that.

If you or someone you know needs help evicting someone, contact Advice Law Firm. The law firm has a network set up that can help big and small landlords as you work through the eviction process in Tennessee and Georgia.


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