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Two Killed When Williams Runs a Red Light on Shallowford Road

Tyrell Williams killed two passengers in two separate vehicles on December 27, 2022 on Shallowford Road in Chattanooga. Williams ran a red light striking a vehicle turning left on Shallowford Road. The car accident shut down traffic on Shallowford Road for hours. Williams, who has an extensive criminal history with prior drug charges, was also charged with driving under the influence. He apparently admitted to drug use and drugs where found in his vehicle.

Tennessee Code Annotated section 29-39-102 defines "catastrophic loss or injury" as one (1) or more of the following: (1) spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia; (2) amputation of two (2) hands, two (2) feet or one (1) of each; (3) third degree burns over forty percent (40%) or more of the body as a whole or third degree burns up to forty percent (40%) percent or more of the face; or (4) wrongful death of a parent leaving a surviving minor child or children for whom the deceased parent had lawful rights of custody or visitation.

Catastrophic injuries from car accidents in Tennessee are limited to $1,000,000. Tennessee Code Annotated section 29-39-102 states that "all noneconomic damages awarded to each injured plaintiff, including damages for pain and suffering, as well as any claims of a spouse or children for loss of consortium or any derivative claim for noneconomic damages...shall not exceed one million dollars ($1,000,000)."

"The limitation on the amount of noneconomic damages...shall not apply to personal injury and wrongful death actions...if the defendant was under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicant or stimulant, resulting the defendant's judgment being substantially impaired, and causing the injuries or death; or...if the defendant's act or omission results in the defendant being convicted of a felony under the laws of this state, another state, or under federal law, and that act or omission caused the damages or injuries." Mr. Williams apparently was "under the influence."

As a result of the car accident, Williams was charged with vehicular homicide as well as aggravated assault. Via Tennessee Code Annotated section 39-13-213 vehicular homicide would be a Class B felony if Tyrell Williams was intoxicated, intoxication being defined as "alcohol intoxication as defined by § 55-10-411(a), drug intoxication, or both." Vehicular homicide would be a Class C felony if Williams "created a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to a person" by his actions. According to Tennessee Code Annotated section 39-13-102, aggravated assault could be a Class C to D felony, if Mr. Williams was convicted.

This accident potentially produces multiple violations under Tennessee Code Annotated section 29-39-102. If you, your family, or a friend have ever suffered like this, Tennessee Code Annotated section 29-39-102, provides substantial and systematic recovery for you and them. Foremost, Advice Law Firm is sorry for you, your family member, or friend's loss or injury. If you or a friend or family member are facing a car accident or criminal law situation like this in Tennessee or Georgia, please contact Advice Law Firm 24 hours a day. The firm has access to and works with a network of attorneys who have extensive experience in car accident cases and criminal law and can provide comprehensive legal care. If you want help during difficult times, contact Advice Law.


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