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.51 Ways On How To Obtain A Child Custody Order As A Married Or Unmarried Father Or Mother In Tennes

In practicing from the Chattanooga, TN area in Hamilton, Bradley, and other Tennessee counties and Catoosa, Walker, and other Georgia counties, a few things remain central. Drugs, alcohol, and jail time will help you or hurt you if you are trying to obtain a child custody order as a married or unmarried father or mother in Tennessee or Georgia Juvenile Court or any other court on an emergency custody or regular custody basis.

There have been plenty times in court where I have seen children removed because the mother, father, or both parents have engaged in inappropriate behavior, and thus cease to continue to have custody of their children.

Let me share one such story with you from Sequatchie County Juvenile Court. "Heather Oakes," a mother, was "charged...with aggravated child abuse after her 11-month-old son was taken to the hospital....with alcohol poisoning...He had a "blood alcohol level" of ".51." Keep in mind the legal limit in Tennessee is .08 for DUI, and one must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol.

The mother stated to police that "she mistakenly mixed vodka with her child's formula instead of water." Doctors and police said that the mother smelled like alcohol after the child was taken to the hospital. Mother also had 3 other children she was taking care of, including the 11-month-old child's twin brother.

As a result, the mother received an 11 year prison sentence, and lost custody of her children. It may go without saying, but alcohol and children do not mix unlike the above shows. This is one set of circumstances that will get or lose a married or an unmarried father or mother custody of a child in not just Sequatchie County Juvenile Court, but also Hamilton County Juvenile Court, and many other Tennessee and Georgia courtrooms.

If you are fighting to gain or trying to keep custody of your children, contact Advice Law Firm, and we will help facilitate and advise you as a father, mother, loved one, or friend in obtaining custody of a child in Tennessee and Georgia Juvenile, Superior, or Circuit Court on an emergency or regular custody basis.

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