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One Decision That Can Save Your Life in a Child Support Warrant Situation Traffic Stop

Warrants for your arrest. So many times one may or may not know about them. This time someone did, and they ended up dead. Mr. Scott knew that he had a warrant for his arrest for child support. He did not want to go back to jail, so he ran. Little did he know that that would be his last day on earth. You never know who will be executing the warrant for your arrest.

If you think you have a warrant for your arrest, please contact Advice Law Firm. We can talk with you, and work with the courts to get your warrants removed or the amount you owe for a child support mitt and attachment (a warrant) reduced so you can stop looking over your shoulder or worrying about your life. If you have a loved one or someone you know who has been picked up recently on a warrant, contact Advice Law Firm so we can start helping.

We work with the courts on a regular basis dealing with child support attachments/warrants and other criminal matters that involve warrants. You can get a warrant changed to a criminal summons, recalled or something else. Working with an attorney can help. Therefore, don't let warrants for your arrest cause you to fear or even cause your death. Contact Advice Law Firm. We can help.

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