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Doctors vs. Police

In these trying times with Covid-19, driving, working, and many things are more difficult. This one was one of these times, where doctors squared off against the police during the pandemic. The result, love, affection, and mutual respect for one another, when another traffic violation could have gone wrong and just ended in a speeding ticket.

State Trooper Schwartz kindly and graciously gave of one of his N95 masks to a healthcare worker speeding down the highway to and fro thinking about work. It was at a time in the crisis when masks were in short supply, and the gracious act of this trooper, who himself was a frontline worker, made national news.

Instead of giving the doctor a speeding ticket, he helped her with her pressing needs at his own sacrifice. Many first responders do this, but let's take the time to remind speeding/traffic ticket drivers of a few things. One, be cognizant of the road. Advice Law Firm gets phone calls all the time of people riding down the road headed to an emergency including doctors and essential workers. Judges and police officers are not always as gracious as Trooper Schwartz.

Two, as has been stated before, do not be overly combative or anxious. Many times officers have the last say on your speeding ticket and in court. Plenty of police narratives and officer interactions have been seen in court, where if the driver is courteous, better results occur. This is not blanket across the board, but depending on the situation, it can help.

Three, when going through tough times, sometimes it is better to pull off the road. Advice Law Firm has been in court plenty of times with people who are going through it. Judges and police officers are not always sympathetic. Sometimes, it is better to just pull off the road for a while, collect your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and then continue the ride. This is easier said then done, but maybe helpful.

Remember, during the pandemic, court is still going on, and lots of traffic violation tickets are being written. Some police officers are actively back on the road enforcing the law. So be careful out, and if you need help, contact Advice Law Firm.


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