Police make mistakes

Police are humans being too. Sometimes they make mistakes. Even with proof in front of them, everyone does. Tennessee Code Annotated 39-16-516 says the following:

(a) A political subdivision or any agency of this state may not establish or maintain, formally or informally, a plan to evaluate, promote, compensate, or discipline a law enforcement officer solely by the issuance of a predetermined or specified number of any type or combination of types of traffic citations.

(b) A political subdivision or any agency of this state may not require or suggest to a law enforcement officer that the law enforcement officer is required or expected to issue a predetermined or specified number of any type or combination of types of traffic citations within a specified period.

(c) Nothing in this section shall prohibit a municipal corporation, a political subdivision or any agency of this state, from establishing performance standards for law enforcement officers that include issuance of traffic citations, but do not require issuance of a predetermined or specified number or any type or combination of types of citations as the sole means of meeting such performance standards.

Two small police forces in Tennessee, Collegedale/Ridgeside, have been caught up in potential violations of the Tennessee's traffic ticket quota law. Remember that police are human beings too, subject to being forced to do things they do not like to do from their superiors.

This is not always the case; there are many good officers and police forces, who work hard at their jobs and professions to do good. If you get caught in a traffic ticket scenario or other criminal law situation, sometimes it is good to have legal representation.

Remember, for example with license revocations or suspensions due to child support, they sometimes take 2 days or more to get cleared out of the system as license reinstatements. It is very important that when someone gets their license reinstated particularly from child support court, they keep a copy of the order with them at all times.

Unfortunately, people get pulled over and sometimes proof of their license or vehicle being cleared has not been entered yet. If you find yourself in a difficult traffic ticket, child support, criminal, other scenario, contact Advice Law. Advice Law Firm can help. If the enclosed links do not open in another page, please copy and paste the below links into your internet browser.







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