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Federal Shutdown, Career Change, Remember Child Support

Federal workers around the country are either being forced to change careers or thinking about a career change. If you are thinking about changing your job due to incessant federal shutdowns or other reasons, remember child support.

Senators in the United States Senate are thinking about legislative fixes that can cease future government shutdowns. This includes not paying staffers of Congressional members nor the White House, if the terms of the government being funded for each fiscal year cannot be worked out. Remember child support.

From Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles, California to small t-shirt companies in the local Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, federal workers pay situations can change during a government shutdown. Remember child support.

While federal workers tend to be educated more highly, there is work out there that offers more than $75,000 per year that does not require a bachelor's degree. Further, if you were a furloughed or required to work federal worker who could not afford to get back and forth to work or pay other bills, there are work from home options. Remember child support.

As the federal government work force is in flux, child support contempt, child support modification, set support, and other potential child support actions loom. One legal configuration maybe to change future child support orders for federal workers and those substantially affected by the federal government like federal contractors or those who support the federal work force like food trucks or restaurants.

One may want to put in future child support orders that child support temporarily ceases or is suspended during a government shutdown. This helps deal with child support contempt and acts as a self fulfilling child support modification. One may also want to include this provision in a set support action for child support.

Remember medical bills. A lot of times health or medically related bills are split 50/50 in child support orders. During a prolonged government shutdown, health insurance may lapse due to lack of payments to health insurers because of lack of paychecks.

One may want to put in a provision to the child support order temporarily stopping or suspending medical bills being split 50/50. For federal workers and those related to the federal work force, if one gets sick and has substantial medical bills without health insurance coverage, a 50/50 split may become cumbersome and set you up for child support contempt.

If you need help with a child support contempt, child support modification, or some other child support or legal issue, please contact Advice Law Firm. If the links above do not open in another page, please copy and paste the below links into your internet browser.

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