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U.S.A = U. S.upport A.merican Workers

United States American federal employees, contractors, and workers attached to the federal work force are feeling the effects of the government shutdown. Keep in mind, this is only a partial government shutdown, yet 800,000 federal workers represent a population of American citizens almost twice the size the city of Atlanta. Imagine if the city of Atlanta shutdown for weeks what the economic impact would be.

Yet, imagine as well what the legal impact would be if something shut the city of Atlanta down for weeks? As the federal work force suffers through this government shutdown, some legal maneuvering may help.

In terms of child support, the United States federal work force may want to contact a local child support office to request a reprieve from child support enforcement. If you are facing a speeding ticket or traffic citation, you may want to contact the Court as well.

Let them know that you may not be attending because of work issues in relation to having the gas money to attend Court for example if finances are strained. Make sure the Court signs off on any nonattendance to avoid failure to appear or nonattendance penalties.

If you appear for Court, you may want to let the Court know that you will have difficulties paying any Court fines, costs, penalties, or other expenses. Ask for time. Generally, Courts will allow some leeway to pay Court related costs. This is particularly likely if you are a suffering government employee or contractor.

If you are an extended payee of a government contractor or employee like a supported business such as a restaurant that the American government work force eats at or lender waiting to close a loan, buckle up. There maybe sympathy in regards to being a downstream recipient of government workers financial impact, but more than likely your sympathy will be somewhat smaller.

For example, a government worker could perhaps get a child support modification for being out of work or may not be able to go to work and pick up a speeding or traffic ticket because of gas, but many downstream workers will likely have to report for work even though an economy almost twice the size of Atlanta has gone down.

If you need legal help during these tough times or any other time, please contact Advice Law Firm. The law firm works on traffic tickets, child support, child custody, and a number of other issues. During difficult times, Advice Law can help.

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