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Paying Child Support: Job Shame or Fame

Child support modifications lowering child support or making somebody pay more child support can be difficult. Geoffrey Owens formerly of the Cosby Show has had multiple job situations, and yet recently found himself being job shamed before hitting the spotlight again in job fame.

His situation presents another interesting analysis of child support in more famous arenas that can be applicable to paying child support in Hamilton County, TN and the surrounding areas of Tennessee and Georgia.

Child support courts note the importance of paying your child support or else contempt. Even Keisha Knight Pullam of the Cosby Show went after her former lover for child support contempt, a former football player. Yet, what happens when your income fluctuates up and down like Geoffrey Owen's?

Mr. Owens income was based on residuals or royalties from his time on the Cosby Show. As Bill Cosby went through infamy with his criminal trial for sexual abuse and assault Geoffrey's income was slashed. Ordinarily one would put in a for child support modification to lower their child support if that was an issue.

This can been done administratively or through the court system if desired. Contact Advice Law Firm to see which scenario would be feasible and favorable for your case. It is important in most situations to pay your child support. However, if you are having difficulty making child support payments, paperwork can be submitted or filed to help, but remember to contact a lawyer if you feel it's necessary.

Geoffrey mentioned multiple side jobs as an actor. This could be factored into his income, and potentially raise his child support, if he was ordered to pay. Owens also got a lift from Tyler Perry, who stated that he would be willing to hire Owens for some upcoming work, thereby potentially raising any theoretical child support Owens was ever ordered to pay.

In raising or lowering child support through modification or being concerned about contempt, contact Advice Law. The law firm has years of experience in dealing with child support. If the links above do not open in another page, please copy and paste the below links into your internet browser.

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