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Cell Phones = More Traffic Tickets

Another cell phone law is going into effect. In Georgia, the Legislature has passed a new law that prohibits cell phone use except for a limited instances. This can be added on to your speeding ticket or traffic offense such as a light law violation or having no insurance.

Generally, do not talk on your cell in any manner unless it is a hands free device such as blue tooth or through your car's speakers for example. Other prohibitions include non hands free texting. Also, you cannot watch a video unless related to navigating your vehicle or surf the internet while driving. Recording a video is also prohibited if you are behind the wheel.

You are allowed to text hands free in Georgia. Also, you can use an app for maps such as Waze to get around town. You can also use your GPS as long as it is hands free. Further, you can use an earpiece to talk on your cell phone such as a blue tooth device that hangs around your neck. You can use radios and CB devices as well.

The penalties go from $150 to $900 for repeat offenders in Georgia; and the points start at 1 and can go up to 4 for repeat offenders. Also, if you break one of these traffic ticket cell phone laws, that gives the police the right to be at your car and see what other laws you could be breaking as mentioned above like having no insurance. Police in a lot of situations like to charge people with more than one offense to make their criminal or speeding/traffic ticket situation worse.

Further, if you are an emergency official in Georgia, you are allowed to use your device in a non hands free manner, as long as you are on official business such as an on duty police officer or EMS personnel.

If you pick up a speeding or traffic ticket, contact Advice Law Firm. The firm regularly goes to Court to help people with their speeding and traffic ticket citations and situations. If the links above do not open in another page, please copy and paste the below links into your internet browser.

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