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Gross Income, Grossly Not Paid

A lot of times in child support worksheets, gross income is used, for example year to date income from a most recent paycheck stub. However, those numbers can prove faulty in a real life scenario but are the income used for child support court in Tennessee and Georgia.

The salaries NBA players make help provide some information on that point. Let's look at Lebron James. His gross salary is supposed to be the second largest in the NBA at $33,285,709. His net pay will make him the highest paid player for 2017-2018 at $16,737,751. How should his child support be factored for income with such large differences in the numbers? Let us take some things out for Lebron James analysis.

Lebron James analysis does not include his philanthropic work. Lebron James has his family foundation. He also supports more than a thousand persons with his I Promise program for children and their families in northeast Ohio, helping them get college educations, K-12 services, and much more.

Also, Lebron James analysis does not include his income from other sources like endorsements or advertisements. It is based on his NBA salary. To include that information, one would likely be getting into his taxes more for child support.

Likely his gross salary of more than $33,000,000 would be used depending on the court. One could argue look at all his philantropic work, at what he does in his community, and a judge may answer back supporting your children Mr. James should be first, not the community.

His lower income could be used if a court found it appropriate. Advice Law Firm has worked with individuals and the court system to have the final child support number be lower even when someone makes a high amount of income.

If you are a high income earner, need help navigating the child support system, or have some other legal issue, contact Advice Law Firm. We work in the child support system constantly in Tennessee and Georgia, and can give you an analysis of where you would likely stand in the court system.

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