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Rap Support Up

Almost a year ago, rapper Juelz Santana of the infamous song Dipset had issued a warrant for his arrest for child support. The indications for Mr. Santana were that he could get pulled over in a traffic ticket scenario and be taken to jail.

Mr. Santana's colleagues in multiple settings talk about the money he makes. Yet, New Jersey child support did not seem to feel the same way. Mr. Santana owed over $28,000 in back child support. He also had a monthly ongoing obligation of $1,800 per month.

Remember, no matter how much money one makes, you must pay your child support. In many judges eyes in Tennessee and Georgia, child support is the number one thing to be paid. It is important for Mr. Santana if he makes as much money as is claimed to pay his child support regularly and on time. Because in Tennessee and Georgia, he can end up with a warrant for his arrest.

This is brought up because people who work with Mr. Santana claim he is making lots of money and is booked regularly. Many judges hear an opposite story. Many people come to court and say how little they are working. If Mr. Santana is working as much as is claimed, a Tennessee or Georgia court could set a higher amount of money for his purge.

Mr. Santana has left other bills unpaid despite what is said about his personal financial situation. Apparently, one of Mr. Santana's properties, a condo in New Jersey, was foreclosed on a year or so before his alleged child support troubles began. It is very important for people who are suffering financial difficulty to see about a modification of their child support.

Remember Walter Scott, he was running from a child support warrant it seemed when police shot him in the back after a routine traffic ticket stop scenario. Paying child support can be a life or death matter if one is stopped for a traffic ticket.

If you need help with a child support modification, a child support warrant, or some other legal issue, please contact Advice Law Firm at (423) 485-8088 or click on the link for our contact page. The law firm can help you.

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