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New Criminal, Traffic Ticket, and Other Laws Coming into Place for Tennessee in 2017

It's time for Tennessee's latest law update, and among 29 measures set to take effect on New Year's Day 2017, there are a number of other measures that may get driver's and potential criminal defendant's attention.

On News Year's Day 2017, persons between the age of 18 and 20 who are either active military, retired, or honorably discharged from the military will have the ability to apply for handgun carry permits.

The previous time frame for applications was age 21. Also, the fee assessed for taking out a handgun application was $500; that will be dropping to $200 thanks to the law change.

Also, in regards to money, the maximum fine has gone up for driving without insurance in Tennessee. It used to be $100. Now the maximum penalty has increased to $300.

On top of that, you could go to jail. Not having insurance could cost you a maximum penalty of up to 30 days in jail as a class C misdemeanor.

Also on top of that, the state of Tennessee will now start electronically monitoring if you have insurance or not. So, if you do not have insurance, sooner than later would be a good time to get it to avoid costly fines and jail time in Tennessee jurisdictions.

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