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Four Plus Decades of Child Support and Another Change Might Occur

Over the past four plus decades, child support has changed and not always been so forgiving. Check out this video of how one area started catching people who did not pay their child support. It is very common for people to know they have support orders and warrants for their arrest, and even end up dead for those arrest warrants as mentioned in an April 15, 2015 blog.

It is important to remember that child support did not start out this way. "The initial system was set up to replicate the nuclear family of dad as breadwinner, mom as homemaker." Yet, "by the mid-1990s when all of these reforms were being put into place, nonmarital childbearing had risen from being something that was not very pervasive to nearly one-third of all births, 25 to 28 percent. Now, it's at 41 to 42 percent."

"Now you have families in which mom and dad may have never lived together. They may have lived together when the child was born for a short period of time. They may or may not have shared resources. The father may have been contributing or not contributing."

Whenever you have a change in your living situation including but limited to income, where the child or children reside, insurance, child visitation, daycare, contact Advice Law Firm so your child support amount can be correctly adjusted or modified.

For instance, take the advice to heart that Eddie White provides in a class teaching people how to pay child support: "White asks the men what a person who is paying child support should do if he gets laid off or loses his job. 'There you go, that's the word. Immediately,' White says. 'Immediately ask the court for an adjustment.'"

The Obama Administration is proposing rule changes to the current child support system to right size child support orders to people's actual income. There are also rule change proposals modifying child support when someone is in jail.

Given the nature of child support, and that the rules change about every 20 years, the timing seems about right. Even if a significant change does not occur with the Obama Administration, contact Advice Law Firm to see how the firm can help with your child support. Advice Law Firm can help you take administrative child support actions without a judge being significantly involved, and judicial action through the court system.

"Remember if one gets a $300 or $400 child support order per month in Chattanooga...over three years one will have spent $10,800 to $14,400 in child support. And with a $300-400 child support order, that presumes that somebody is at least making minimum wage."

Advice Law Firm can help you have your child support order more in proportion to your circumstances with child support modifications and petitions setting child support and thus keep huge child support arrears balances from building. Contact Advice Law Firm and take the worry, stress, and not knowing out of child support.

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