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Sector 3 New Hot Spots for the Police to Target and Stop You

Brainerd Road, Lee Highway, Bonny Oaks: these are the new hot spot areas according to Chattanooga police they are targeting. These areas are mainly in sector 3 of the Chattanooga Police Department's area map, given the high number of fatal accidents and traffic tickets in those areas.

Simply put, heed police advice given in this blog. They are looking to ticket you if you do not slow down and drive more carefully. If the police do give you a traffic ticket, contact Advice Law Firm because many times the firm is able to get traffic tickets reduced or dismissed.

Below is a list for 2 top traffic ticket and accident areas the police are targeting in the Chattanooga area. Click on the article below to get a further list of traffic ticket and accident areas Chattanooga police are targeting since March 2016.

Chattanooga averages over 1,000 crashes per month according to the below article. That's almost an 1 in 10 chance of a Chattanooga resident getting into a wreck given Chattanooga's population of 173,000+, let alone traffic tickets where accidents are not involved, particularly given stepped up police survelliance. Again, if you need a lawyer for a traffic ticket or criminal matter, please contact Advice Law Firm.

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North Shore and Hixson

Highway 153 and Northpoint Boulevard

Highway 153 and Hamill Road

Highway 153 and Hixson Pike

Highway 153 and Gadd Road

Market Street and Frazier Avenue




East Brainerd Road and Hickory Valley Road

Brainerd Road and Moore Road

Brainerd Road and Germantown Road

Brainerd Road and Eastgate Loop

Wilcox Boulevard and Tunnel Boulevard

Lee Highway and Shallowford Road

Shallowford Road and Interstate 75

Shallowford Road and Gunbarrel Road

Gunbarrel Road and East Brainerd Road

Bonny Oaks Drive and Interstate 75


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