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As a child custody, child visitation, and child support lawyer, I’ve noticed that sometimes the object of the court hearing gets lost amongst the parents, and that is the children. I recently heard the story of the Einchert family who lost something far greater than can be lost in any judicial hearing. In one horrible instance, they lost half of their children in an accident. As an attorney, my sincere desire is to restore families through healing and collaboration, and perhaps never even need my help. I believe the below resources can help with other family struggles as well. Perhaps you too are suffering with the loss of a child, please remember that God can help you handle this. Often those who are grieving benefit from the below resources that can help with the pain and loss. I humbly ask that you please remember that if you are going through a court battle, the struggle is about your children for which you can thank God they are still here. Whether it be needed guidance for married couples, singles, health, wealth, or more, the below resources can help individuals through all life’s journeys. Remember during the darkest hours to hold onto God with an unchanging hand.

Two years ago Channel 3 sat down with an East Tennessee couple who shared their story of losing two of their children in a drowning accident in Bledsoe County.

Since then, Jonathan and Monique Einwechter have dedicated their time to encouraging others. The two have pieced together a documentary on their experience on how their lives have changed since the accident.

The Einwechters hope no parent ever has to go through what they have, but say their documentary, Through Deep Waters, is a way to give hope to others. Their strong faith and love of family is their source of strength.

Grief is a never-ending battle for Jonathan and Monique Einwechter. "It's not something that's just done at any point. You're always processing. You're always working through different stages of it," says Monique. Nearly two years ago the family had just moved to Monique's family farm in Bledsoe County. It was dark and Monique was driving up the driveway, when her SUV flipped into a pond on the property.

Monique, her one-year-old son, Titus, and two-year-old son, Jon David, were pulled from the vehicle. But three-year-old Elise and five-week-old Enoch did not survive.

Over the past two years, Jonathan and Monique have worked on a documentary, Through Deep Waters. It details the accident and the difficult days that followed.

"We're definitely only human. It's a hard road," says Jonathan.

It also focuses on holding onto good memories and creating new ones, including a new addition to the family, Elliot Einwechter. "With Enoch, we were pregnant with him longer than we had him alive. So particularly with the pregnancy of our next baby, Elliot, it brought back a lot of those memories of him," says Jonathan.

The new addition brought joy and healing. "I felt like when Elliot was born I was able to embrace him wholeheartedly. And there was a lot of healing that came, a lot of difficult times, but a lot of healing in the midst of that," says Monique.

"We've changed as a family. We've added a new family member. We've grown in a lot of different ways. But there's still a gaping hole." "Particularly Jon David. Sometimes he'll just say something like, 'I miss Elise' and things like that," says Jonathan. "It's easier to think of them in a happy way. Where they are in heaven."

The accident still impacts their daily lives.

"When I do drive now I just drive like 10 minutes to the local grocery store and back and I don't take any of the children with me," says Monique.

But the Einwechters say faith is their foundation. "God can walk you through the valley of the shadow of death and He can sustain you when it's overwhelming and you feel like you can't breathe any more," says Monique.

"We want to help others who are grieving. And we just want to tell what The Lord's done in our life. To show that He can be trusted in any trial whether it's a small trial or a big one," says Jonathan.

"I'm hopeful that it will be a blessing to others as they watch it and that they'll be encouraged," says Monique. The Einwechters want to share their documentary with anyone who asks. For more information on requesting one, click here.

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