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50-50 Reasons For Getting a Parenting Plan ASAP

Love maybe in the air, but when child custody, visitation, or support is on the line, you better dial 50-50 before you dial that loved one or special somebody's phone number or send them a text. The reason why is because so many parents don't get to spend the time they want with children after a break up occurs.

Remember an old adage that is a truism of child custody, visitation, or support: a good plan is better than no plan. Thus, while things are still amicable between parents, sit down with the mother or father of your children and draw up a parenting plan that you think will work just in case you two break up.

If you need help writing up a parenting plan, contact Advice Law Firm, and I'll sit down with you and talk about a plan, and file it at the courthouse to give it better legal effect with a case or docket number. Advice Law Firm can even help grandparents file for their rights with their grandchildren in Tennessee or Georgia.

The reason this is so important is because if things ever do break down between you and the other parent you want something on record that the child custody, visitation, or support court can easily reference when setting child support, ruling who should have custody, or determining how much time each parent should spend with the child if it ever comes to that.

In Tennessee, the most time each parent can spend with a child is 182.5 days, the 50-50 mentioned before, or half the year. This can be accomplished any number of ways the parents agree. Otherwise, you have to have the courts make a decision, and you may not be happy with what you get. I also do child custody, visitation, and support in Georgia, and the same question holds true: do you want the courts making the decision for you?

Remember if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Do not get hit with something that is outrageous, not what you like, or worse with a child custody, visitation, or support fight on your hands that could cost more than flowers, dinner, chocolate, or whatever else you plan on getting for that loved or special someone.

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