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Why Do I Need Advice Law Firm for Bankruptcy Help?


It is true that legally, anyone can file bankruptcy without an attorney. However, very few people attempt it. And, of all the people who have ever filed bankruptcy on their own, very few have successfully navigated through the numerous complex requirements and steps involved in order to have the bankruptcy approved. This is why bankruptcy attorneys exist. At Advice Law Firm we are dedicated to guiding people through the process with efficiency and as little stress as possible.


The Benefits of Hiring A Bankruptcy Lawyer

The problem is that there are many steps that are required to successfully file a bankruptcy and see it through to completion. If you fail to complete one of the required steps then your bankruptcy will fail.


There is a reason why only licensed attorneys can legally file bankruptcy petitions for people other than themselves. The filing and prosecution of a successful bankruptcy are difficult and require a legal background and familiarity with the process. The cost to hire an attorney with bankruptcy knowledge and experience is well worth it. Call us to arrange for a consultation and to discuss fees. There is a good chance that filing for bankruptcy costs less than you expect.


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Led by Attorney J. Micah Guster III, Advice Law Firm helps individuals and families in Chattanooga, Southeast Tennessee, North Georgia and the surrounding area. Let us evaluate your financial situation and answer your questions. Call or send us an e-mail today.


We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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